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Szeremley Huba Pincészet
Szeremley Rizling (Badacsony)   2014

0,75 l / 4200,-
Pale green, brilliant wine with a clean aroma of marked character. Light, refreshing acidity is combined with pleasant fruitiness.

Laposa Pincészet
Rizling2 (Badacsony)   2012

0,75 l / 4590,-
This particular wine is none other than Riesling at its best. Badacsony ideal for winemaking, grown on the southern slopes of Riesling and Riesling blended of.

Bujdosó Pincészet
Olaszrizling (Balatonboglár)   2014/15

0,75 l / 4800,-
The pale yellow wine smells softly, but he speaketh of tasting, white-fleshed fruits, flowers alone. The sip occurs more strongly, thanks to the crisp acids, citrus and mineral flavors supported as well. The body is medium, low alcohol, in moderation roasting from the decay shown. Balanced, fruity, full wine experience.

Gies-Düppel Pincészet
Schiefer Riesling (Németország)   2015

0,75 l / 6990,-
Herbs, spicy, physalis, pure minerality, high density: these are the most typical flavors. This wine is the figurehead of the terroir wines of Birkweiler. The Schiefer (= slate) soil is rare in Pfalz.

Gies-Düppel Pincészet
Kalkstein Riesling (Németország)   2015

0,75 l / 6990,-
Apricot, mirabelle, spicy fruity filling, big harmony. The fruity and mineral combination gives the wine a perfect elegance. Our “model” wine.

Gies-Düppel Pincészet
Birkweiler Am Dachsberg Riesling (Németország)   2015

0,75 l / 7990,-
Full body in mouth but elegant in stil, exotic spicy flavors like peach, mango, ananas. Very decent taste of wood which gives him complexity and reachness. Volker’s favourite vineyard site Riesling.

Bishops Head
Riesling(Új-Zéland)   2013

0,75 l / 7490,-
Pale lemon in colour. Initial ripe peach and nectarine fruit developing hints of mandarin, lime and dry straw. A rich, full body to start with, drying to an off-dry finish. Long length and good overall weight.

Bárdos és Fia Pincészet
Mátrai Pinot Grigio (Mátra)   2015/16

0,75 l / 2950,-
1,5 dl / 590,-
Young Manos vineyard plantation. Yes well done balanced with strong varietal wine. The aromas and taste the delicious bitter herbs dominance, next to brightly colored flowers throughout the orgy of fine finish.

Heumann Pincészet
“Eric’s Dream” (white cuvée) (Villány)   2013

0,75 l / 3990,-
A smell of apple and peaches with a hint of rose petals. Greenish colour. On the palate well integrated lemony acidity. Creamy. Rather long.

Montlau Pincészet
Entre Deux Mers (Franciaország)   2012

0,75 l / 4490,-
The traditional white wine, with indefinable freshness in the scent is complemented by fresh fruits. With beautiful fresh acids it feels rounded, showing a unique character.

Bárdos Pincészet
Irsai Olivér (Mátra)   2015/16

0,75 l / 4590,-
Young Manos vineyard plantation. Yes well done balanced with strong varietal wine. The aromas and taste the delicious bitter herbs dominance, next to brightly colored flowers throughout the orgy of fine finish.

Nyakas Pincészet
Irsai Olivér (Etyek Budai)   2015/16

0,75 l / 4590,-
1,5 dl / 920,-
Clear yellow with green reflexes. Intensive nose remaining to blooming fields. Variety typical taste of Muscat flavour, fresh picked grapes. Best choice for a night quaffing with friends.

Csordás Pincészet
Juhfark Selectio (Somló)   2015

0,75 l / 5100,-
Pale gold with an interesting and pleasant straightforward aroma with a mineral character. Plenty of good lively acids. An extremely well-balanced wine with harmonious flavours and aromas and a sufficiently long finish.

Emiliana Novas Pincészet
Organic Viognier (Chile)   2012/13

0,75 l / 6490,-
Aromas and flavours are characterized mainly by white peach and honeysuckle. It is a concentrated, luxurious “new world” type. Perfectly balanced and very sophisticated. Great and delicious. Perfect partner to spicy dishes.

Galil Mountain Pincészet
Galil - Viognier (Izrael)   2013

0,75 l / 6990,-
Golden in color with seasoned characters of apricot, perfume, nectarine blossom and fresh herbs, with background notes of delicate oak. A medium-bodied wine with a silky texture and long balanced finish.

Öhau Wines Woven Stone
Pinot Gris (Új-Zéland)   2014

0,75 l / 7490,-
The wine shows subtle sweetness which is beautifully balanced by refreshing acidity, and fininshes long and juicy. Charmoing aromas of guava, candy floss and tropical fruits.
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