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Saurus Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)   2015

0,75 l / 4900,-
1,5 dl / 980,-
Unfiltered bright-red wine. Aromas of ripe red frutis, pepper and spices felt. Ont he palate, sweet tannins and elegant acids felt.

Eral Bravo Pincészet
Urano Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)   2015

0,75 l / 5900,-
1,5 dl / 1180,-
Very intense ruby-red colour, interesting aromas with a dominance of cassis and blackberry as well as hints of vanilla. Sweet but noticeable tannins on the palate, elegant character and great personality.

Polgár Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon (Villány)   2013

0,75 l / 5900,-
An elegant, well-balanced and full-bodied red wine with a long finish. Its scents and flavours are dominated by blackcurrants and wild berries.

Twickel Pincészet
Chateau Kajmád Cabernet Sauvignon barrique (Szekszárd)   2012/13

0,75 l / 5990,-
1,5 dl / 1200,-
Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and aged in noble oak-barrique-, it is a full-bodied fiery drink of a manly character and a color shading into garnet, which marshals all the beauty that red wines can have.

Thummerer Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon (Eger)   2012

0,75 l / 6990,-
This wine, which has all the beauty and bouquet of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, is very attractive to the taster right from the first moment.

Vesztergombi Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon (Szekszárd)   2013

0,75 l / 6890,-
Large oak-aged for 18 months in red wine, typical of this variety is very colorful, complex, mellow flavor and aroma notes. Due to the high nutritional values of the long-matured wine

Catena Pincészet Alamos
Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)   2014

0,75 l / 7490,-
Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon offers aromas of red fruit flavours,sweet spice and a touch of fresh mint. Garnet jewel toned, this Cabernet Sauvignon is full and soft with layers of red currant and cassis, notes of cigar box.

Galil Mountain Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon (Izrael)   2012

0,75 l / 7990,-
A very elegant, full nose. On the palate, this has really good concentration and power, though it’s also very tannic. A surprisingly elegant finish.

Mauricio Lorca Pincészet
Opalo Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)   2006

0,75 l / 9590,-
This premium wine deliberately produced without using oak, fully respects the original characteristics and quality of the grapes

Santa Carolina Pincészet
Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)   2011

0,75 l / 9590,-
Intense red ruby colour. Plums, cherry and cassis with hints of after eight. Full-bodied, balanced medium structure with fine grain elegant tannins. Complex and persistent flavor.

Gere Attila Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon barrique (Villány)   2012

0,75 l / 9490,-
1,5 dl / 1900,-
Rich ruby red with fresh shades of violet. Tight and firm even at this stage due to its tannin structure. It is rich and full bodied, leaves a long lasting taste of sweetness.

Eral Bravo Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva (Argentina)   2012

0,75 l / 9990,-
1,5 dl / 2000,-
This Cabernet Sauvignon has a very dark ruby-red colour with a light violet shimmer. The nose is dominated by intense and alluring black currant aromas, which combine perfectly with the roast, spicy and chocolate aromas.

Vina Alicia Pincészet
Paso de Piedra Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)   2009/10

0,75 l / 10590,-
Intense dark color, with raspberry. Like aromas and the complex dark currants and berries. Fresh, well-balanced, with gobs of dark fruit, pleasant acidity and mature ripe tannins on the palate lead to a soft and elegant finish.

Bianchi Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon “Famiglia” (Argentina)   2010

0,75 l / 10900,-
Wine is intense ruby red color. Its elegance and spicy aromas of complexity and intensity easily seduce a man. Aromas of black pepper, licorice, roasted coffee beans appear. The palate and a long finish harmonic structure features.

Tocara Pincészet Cabernet Sauvignon (Dél-Afrika)   2011/12

0,75 l / 11900,-
The wine has a brilliant dark plum colour, with a ruby red rim. The nose has aromas of dark cherries, cassis and ripe plums. The palate has stunning flavours of dark cherries, cassis and a certain savoury saltiness to it. The wine has a lingering finish with clean silky tannins and a touch of oak sweetness.

Michael David Pincészet
Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon (Kalifornia)   2012

0,75 l / 11900,-
This wine is FREAKing amazing! Over each vintage, the intensity has been kicked up exponentially. This 4th incarnation has more of everything...more depth, more ripe fruit, more pizazz! Nicely balanced with fruit (pomegranate) and oak (showing some smoke). Warning—it’s gulpable!

Encuentro Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina)   2012

0,75 l / 11900,-
Bright-red color tones there are. Smell of raspberry and strawberry dominate. The barrel aging, due to the vanilla and cocoa can be found in it. Sweet tannins, good acidity and fruitiness of this wine.

Santa Carolina Pincészet
Reserva de familia Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)   2012/14

0,75 l / 12900,-
Dark cherry. Classic notes of black currant, fig, cedar, bitter chocolate and some leather notes. Complex wine with great fruit concentration and fine grained tannins structure. In the palate you can feel different layers that begins with red fruits and ends with hints of bitter chocolate.

Luigi Bosca Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon - Gala 2 (Argentina)   2010/13

0,75 l / 14990,-
This Cabernet Sauvignon combined with Cabernet Franc and Merlot is extremely seductive at first sight. It is an elegant wine with outstanding structure. The concentration of black berries and toasty aromas.

Coppola Pincészet
Director’s Cabernet Sauvignon (Kalifornia)   2013/14

0,75 l / 14990,-
The palate black currants, cherries, plums, cherries, clove and oak barrel aging due to the smoky, black chocolate, spicy notes echoed. Excellent texture, dynamic, rich and concentrated flavors of wine. Excellent marriage of hearty dishes, red meats.

Guardian Peak Pincészet
Cabernet Sauvignon - Lapa (Dél-Afrika)   2009

0,75 l / 15900,-
This wine, which has all the beauty and bouquet of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, is very attractive to the taster right from the first moment. The very fine velvety tannins are a special value of the wine.
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