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Saurus Pincészet
Merlot (Argentina)   2014

0,75 l / 4900,-
1,5 dl / 980,-
Very intense, bright-red color. Spicy aromas. Complemented by coffe and vanilla aromas. Taste of ripe fruit, medium acidity, this wine is unfiltered.

Vida Pincészet
Merlot (Szekszárd)   2013

0,75 l / 6100,-
1,5 dl / 1250,-
The velvety Merlot is an outstanding repersentative of Szekszárd. Exhibiting an extensive ageing ability and length, it has a floral, mainly red rose, bouquet, and fruity notes of raspberry and prune.

Guardian Peak Pincészet
Merlot (Dél-Afrika)   2014

0,75 l / 6990,-
An intense fruit-driven example of a South African Merlot, supported by structure and complexity to benefit bottle maturation. The wine offers intense up-front fruit flavours, along with good weight on the front palate.

Vylyan Pincészet
Merlot (Villány)   2011

0,75 l / 9200,-
A highly temperamental variety, which produces unforgettable wines in good years. The variety is usually referred to as „she“. In the region and in our winery the strong aroma of raspberries present in this wine leaves little room for mistaken identity.

Gere Tamás Pincészet
Merlot Válogatás (Villány)   2009

0,75 l / 9200,-
1,5dl / 1840,-
When decanted, it has a deep, dark hue with a complex and intense fragrance, dominated mainly by dark berries. Its flavour is completed by hints of chocolate and sour cherry. The smooth tannins of the wine evince the expert use of the barrels.

Coppola Pincészet
Diamond Merlot (Kalifornia)   2013

0,75 l / 12900,-
Deep color, rich aroma of plum, cinnamon and vanilla play with the senses. The barrel is very much present in an integrated manner. Masculine, but rounded tannins lead to sip fruity.

Schroeder Pincészet
Merlot (Argentina)   2011

0,75 l / 19500,-
Intense ripe red colour. Complex in the nose with aromas of ripe red fruits, black pepper and spices as well as typical chocolate and coffee notes from the oak ageing. Good structure on the palate with sweet tannins, intense yet very balanced. An elegant wine with a pleasant acid level and a good finish.

Gere Attila Pincészet
Solus - Merlot (Villány)   2009

0,75 l / 23900,-
The wine stays in the barrels for almost 16 months. It then becomes a concentrated red of considerable character, ruby colored with a brick-red rim. Its scent is alluring, bringing you a harmony with a special, sweet finish.
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